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IT Support Preston district.

IT Support Services in Lancashire.

IT support in Preston, Lancashire provided by Mailsure IT.

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MailSure IT can provide all aspects of IT support and IT services to your business. Within Preston MailSure IT can supply ah-hoc IT support services, remote IT support and IT consultancy.

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  • Gold IT Support
  • Platinum IT Support
  • IT Support Preston

MailSure’s Silver IT support services package has been generated for smaller companies in Preston.

This offers unlimited IT support in Lancashire by phone, as well as remote IT support services through MailSure’s own secure remote support portal, enabling access to a user’s computer, anywhere in Preston, to assist in any problem the user maybe experiencing within Preston, Lancashire.

All our IT support staff are fully experienced and qualified in their various skills set to maintain a high standard of IT support services for your business in Lancashire. We ensure you will be pleased with the support service we offer in the Preston area as our long term philosophy is to keep the customer happy.

Gold level IT support services come with unlimited IT support helpdesk to resolve problems with a guaranteed SLA response time 5 days a week and 12 hours a day in the Preston area. We usually respond within an hour. A highly qualified support engineer can be sent to your company in the Preston, Lancashire area if required. Many IT support problems are resolved by secure network access.

MailSure IT offers a quick and efficient secure remote IT support services portal allowing admission to user’s computer in Preston, Lancashire, to assist with any IT associated troubles.

Our aim is to solve 97% of problems remotely saving time waiting for an IT technician to arrive in Preston, Lancashire. Included in this package is a dedicated account manager assigned to take care of your IT requirements backed by the rest of the MailSure IT support team in Preston.

This package includes 24/7 monitoring of all your systems to rectify faults before your IT system suffers any serious problems. MailSure’s Gold IT support package also comes with a virus filtering system as well as an email spam system allowing you to administer your own email on a per user basis. At MailSure IT all our support staff are fully qualified in their skill set to ensure a higher level of IT support for your company in Preston.

We ensure our IT support services will keep you satisfied in the long term, enabling us to maintain a durable business relationship in the Preston, Lancashire locale.

Our platinum IT Support Services are geared at medium to large businesses in the Preston, Lancashire area.

With this IT Support package, the benefit is an excellent level of IT support for those that require permanent on-site IT support technician. The MailSure IT support team makes it their priority to back-up this information from their head office together with a dedicated account manager for your Preston  company needs.

There is a 24/7 assured response time from our IT Support Services technical team. Our engineers are fully qualified and experienced in UNIX, Cisco, Microsoft and Novell, and c an access al the required resources in the Preston, Lancashire area. We are aware no one person can be an expert in all areas, so we make sure we have technicians experienced in all different fields available to help. The platinum package offers 24/7 network monitoring of all IT systems for your company, in the Preston, Lancashire locale, allowing us to monitor faults before problems arise.

Our platinum package also offers a virus filtering service and an email spam system, allowing customers to oversee their own email on a per user basis. At MailSure our support team are qualified in their skilled set to  a high standard. Our IT services in the Preston area  will not let you down, our goal is to keep our customers pleased for a long term business link.


If you would like to know more information regarding IT support in Preston, then please use the contact form on the right to contact us about IT Support in Lancashire. Please use the contact form on the right to send us details and your area :Preston.

We are specialists in delivering top quality IT support, which relieves unecessary burdens found in businesses today. MailSure gives IT systems the "just works" factor letting you get on with the rest of your day.