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Office Relocation

We follow where you go!

Business growth needs a new location

As your business grows, so does your need for space.  Sometimes, the only option is to move to better equipped offices and spread your wings.  This can be disruptive to your people who may be comfortable and happy where they are, if a little cramped! 
MailSure can take the pain out of the move and provide your new office with many time and labour saving devices. 

If  you need phone and network cabling or access controls to your new office, we can provide this along with any other requirement to get you working. Fast!  Come and talk to MailSure as we can open the door to your new office and help you settle in.


MailSure's experience with relocation

We know your system will be the hub of your business and MailSure understands that relationships start with trust. We have years of experience in handling Office Relocation and know how painless the transition can be.  To have a helping hand is great at the best of times, but knowing MailSure is there for the difficult ones can be reassuring to you, your staff and your customers. 
We will walk you through what's needed and, if necessary, help your staff settle in at their new desk. 
It can be difficult but it doesn't have to be stressful. 

Bespoke Solutions

The amount of Computer relocation support we provide can be as extensive and as flexible as you like. Your IT department (if you have one) may prefer to handle the preparation of your move themselves.

Alternatively, we can arrange for our systems people to provide a helping hand, ensuring your systems and equipment are correctly decommissioned, leaving your staff free to focus on the move itself.

Your Ideal Partner

MailSure can take the stress out of an office move, thus enabling your company to commence their work from the first day at your new location with minimal disruption.