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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity services from MailSure IT

Mailsure IT offers comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity services for businesses across the UK.
Disaster Recovery Consulting

Talk to an experienced technician from MailSure IT about possible issues with unforeseen events that may well affect day-to-day business and get advice on the best procedures to take when dealing with Disaster Recovery.

Disaster Recovery Planning & Implementation

Let the experts assess your company infrastructure and implement the most relevant and cost-efficient Disaster Recovery solutions. MailSure IT will customise a solution to meet your business needs and focus of cost savings and limit the possible amount of downtime.

Management & Support

MailSure IT provides high quality, on-going support to its Disaster Recovery customers and is proactive in giving advice and technical support when events do occur that affect the running of your business.

Contact MailSure IT for expert assistance – avoid the downtime!

In such a competitive business environment where time and information is money, the need for consistent systems underlying your business and the function of reliable and quick-response data recovery has become a necessity.
In the event of a natural disaster or failed telecommunications connections, from the case of internal theft or physical system damage, what procedures are in place in your business to counter the negative effect of these unlikely, but possible events?
A company that cannot maintain a quality product and/or service is bound to lose business and clientele to competitors that have dependable systems to provide consistency in its day-to-day processes and exceptional procedures in place in the event of unforeseen events that directly affect their business.
The risk of losing important information which is the cornerstone of many businesses and massive downtime because of failed systems can mean the difference between a business in strong growth and profitability to one that is languishing and struggling at every unexpected occurrence.
Relative to the size and nature of your business, the implementation and administration of consistent and reliable systems as well as planned and orchestrated disaster recovery plan may well be an undertaking beyond the expertise of your current team. However, planning and putting into practice procedures to counter events that deteriorate business continuity would lessen the chance of a greater accumulative effect on the business if gone unchecked.
MailSure Telecom specialises in setting down fundamental systems and procedures to ensure business integrity and to maintain a high quality of service from the business to their clients. In relation to disaster recovery, the team has the expertise to provide different avenues in which to better secure information and to lessen the effect of large unforeseen events that affect the day-to-day running of a business.
From securing valuable information in and offsite or protected location, to replicating essential services of your business onto external websites, to having your telephone systems up and running at full quality immediately, MailSure Telecom has the expertise to provide an extensive array of proactive measures that guarantee a quality product from your business at all times, no matter the unforeseen event.