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What you want in an IT Support contract?

Written by Todd John Moore on January 4th, 2012

Partnering with an IT support team would mean that you would enter into a contract with the provider. Here are some points that you should always consider when you are drafting the IT support contract that you will use as a reference for your agreements.

The coverage of the IT support contract:

As much as possible, you would want the IT support contract to become all encompassing. This means that the IT support team should be obligated to help you out no matter what kind of IT related trouble your company is facing.

Remember that IT equipment, may they be hardware or software, are generally finicky things. Issues that have not been diagnosed before may suddenly pop up. If you do not specify what kind of fixes are covered by the contract, then the IT support team can just wash their hands and say that they would not have to fix the issues anymore.

By having this kind of contract, you would be able to protect your firm from these types of unexpected issues that could cripple your business.

The costs:

Another thing that you should consider would be the cost. The thing with IT support is that it is a scaling situation. There may be some bugs or issues that could be easily fixed by minor tweaks while there may be some problems wherein it would take a long time and additional development for you to be able to resolve it.

Of course, when it comes to issue resolution, there would always be costs and expenses involved. That is why you should already have these kinds of situations covered in the contract so as not to experience any form of bill shock.

The length of the contract:

Lastly, you should not just assume that your IT support contract would last the entirety of the equipment that you have. There are some contracts that are limited wherein they would just let you go even if the equipment or infrastructure that you have is still being used. When this happens, you would be left to your own resources in trying to fix the issues and troubles that that certain item is encountering.

As such, you should ensure that the length of IT support contract is adequate for the lifetime of the software or hardware that you are getting. You may also want to look into contracts that allow your company to extend the coverage of the IT support team.



Todd John Moore

Written by Todd John Moore, a computer engineer who works as a lead technician for a computer repair firm in Manchester called Manchester-IT. His fascination with computer engineering started out when he tried doing his own computer repair. Nowadays, he has moved on from doing simple PC troubleshooting to trying to provide enterprise solutions to their clients. You may also follow his tweets @toddjohnmoore and check out

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