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What you get by rooting your Android phone

Written by MailSure IT Services on October 3rd, 2012

Rooting an android device is something that is commonly discussed by people with Android gadgets. However, with the already advanced original firmware as well as the customizations that are already in place, some people are wondering as to what they would actually get from rooting their Android phone.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get from rooting:

More advanced control for your device:

The biggest benefit of rooting would be giving you more control for your device. It would allow you to edit some system rules which have already been pre-loaded or pre-determined by the manufacturer. For example, before Google actually built in the features of Wi-Fi tethering or Apps moving to the SD card, those who had rooted phones were already able to use them via customized features.

Similarly, there are some apps that require additional system access and privileges. Rooting your phone enables you to grant these to the applications which allow you to run them.

Ability to change your system’s ROMs:

One of the biggest advantages for rooting your Android device is so that you would be able to replace the hardware manufacturer’s configuration of your device. Remember that save for the “Nexus” devices, HTC, Samsung, Acer, and all those other manufacturers would have their own customizations on top of the Android operating system. You would also add the fact that carriers would also preload some applications on the devices that you are getting from them.

If you don’t like these customizations and applications, then you can try to root and flash a custom ROM. A custom ROM are modified versions of Android which often have simpler skins, better performance and a smoother user-experience.

You get to experience the updates:

Another thing that you can get via rooted devices is a faster use of the updated software. If you had stuck with the original firmware, then you are at the mercy of the choice of the manufacturer and the carrier if your phone would get an update. This was the case for some people which had phones that where running Froyo (Android 2.2) while the Gingerbread version (2.3) had already been released.

As stated above, there are actually custom ROMS available which would actually allow you to use a higher version of android for your device. For example, the ZTE blade which actually started with Éclair now actually has custom roms for it that utilizes the Gingerbread software.

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