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Why Should My Business Use Linux?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

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Although Microsoft is still the leader when it comes to business software, there are now more and more companies who have become amenable to looking at other options. While there are some companies who have tried to adapt the Mac operating system, most who want an alternative to Windows are put off by the Mac’s price and closed system. That’s why firms are flocking towards the Linux environment.

Of course, the Windows system is offering something that many people are already comfortable with. Both the back end (the servers, routers, and exchange systems) and the front end (desktops) users are already well versed with how they would work while using the system. That is why many businesses are asking the logic behind using a Linux environment for their offices.

For those who have this kind of question. Here are some points that you should consider:

Cost efficiency:

First off, the biggest and most common reason for transitioning to a Linux environment is that they are cheaper than Windows. Linux distributions can be downloaded for free from various websites (or even sent to you at a minimum cost). This means that you would not have to pay the high cost of Windows systems for each of your computer. Also, the updates to these Linux systems are also given to users for a low cost (usually free). You would be able to reap the benefits of the updated software without having to shell out any additional funds.

In fact, there are even IT Support firm for Linux systems that offer their services at a much lower price than their Windows counterpart.

Lower Hardware Requirements:

Another advantage of using a Linux system is that they would often have a lower hardware requirement than the alternatives. Even the latest Linux distributions would often have a lower system requirement than the Windows or Mac software from a couple of years ago. This is great if you would want to prolong the use of your existing hardware or would not want to keep on spending for hardware upgrades to match your software.


An advantage of the Linux system is that they are alos considered to be more secure than their windows counterpart. This is an offshoot of Linux two things; being not widely used and being open sourced. By being deployed to a significantly lesser user base; the spread of viruses is not that wide. And because of it’s open source architectures, you can customize a Linux distribution to be unique from any other type of system making it difficult to target or attack.