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Freeware or Paid Software

Written by MailSure IT Services on September 7th, 2011

One of the common questions when it comes to getting software for a task is whether to get a freeware or a paid version of a software.

The benefits of paid software:

The main benefit of paid software is that you would usually have a dedicated team who had actually worked on the project. These are guys who have been paid to actually develop the software and ensure that it runs as well as possible.

Another common benefit is that most paid software would often have dedicated IT support teams who are willing to take your calls regarding questions about the products.

The benefits of Freeware:

As the name implies, the main benefit of Freeware is that they are free. They are often labors of love that are able to do the tasks but may have some rough edges to it. Another benefit of freeware is that most of them can be easily modified and adapted to your company’s needs.

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