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Benefits of Hosted Exchange

Written by Todd John Moore on January 4th, 2012

When it comes to information sharing, hosted exchange has made its mark. It is the most viable alternative to the enormous sharing capabilities of Microsoft Exchange, which has given loads of benefits to large companies and their employees. It is a server host which enables members to access their emails, contacts, schedules and other relevant information anytime and anywhere, and even without their computers. Mobile phones have now joined in this strategic move of sharing information, and this has even extended great advantages to the member companies. However, Microsoft Exchange is pretty expensive to maintain, not to mention the necessity of hiring additional staff to maintain the server. Although Exchange has been proven to be hugely beneficial to big companies, the smaller enterprises have faced dilemma of maintenance. It would be difficult for them to maintain the extra server, no matter how strategic, because of budget constraints.


Hence, the experts from the Information Technology industry have devised a way to address this concern, and at the same time, still provide the beneficial services of Microsoft Exchange. This is the birth of Hosted Exchange. Smaller companies could avail of same information sharing capabilities of Exchange but at a lesser fee. Hosted exchange is simply another server provider that uses the technology of Microsoft Exchange and re-channels it to smaller businesses.


Now that the Hosted Exchange has been made easily accessible for businesses, more and more enterprises have already availed of similar technology. In fact, there are now many providers that offer hosted exchange to employers and their staff at a more affordable fee. One reason that a hosted exchange is more affordable is because there is no more need of hiring an extra staff to handle the server. The providers will be the ones handling the company’s servers, as its members continue to avail of its services in sharing information.


Hosted Exchange also guarantees secured information. This is because files to be shared are only within among the members of the company. Unless an employee would make his own betrayal, the shared information within the exchange is reliably secure. It is even spam- and virus-free, because every bit of information that enters to the server is monitored and screened. Thus it prevents re-channeling of the unwelcome virus due to spamming.


There is also efficiency of information sharing with Host Exchange. Because there’s already a server host, all data can be easily managed and sorted, and so the intended recipient would always receive his copy. Because Hosted Exchange also makes use of Microsoft Exchange, they also have the capability to see each other’s calendar, and so make a quick reference to their schedule. This is effective for planning and meeting purposes. If you’re the boss, you will surely want to know if all your staff can be available for intended meeting.


For the organization that values information and transparency among its members, the Hosted Exchange is just what they need.

Todd John Moore

Written by Todd John Moore, a computer engineer who works as a lead technician for a computer repair firm in Manchester called Manchester-IT. His fascination with computer engineering started out when he tried doing his own computer repair. Nowadays, he has moved on from doing simple PC troubleshooting to trying to provide enterprise solutions to their clients. You may also follow his tweets @toddjohnmoore and check out

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