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Before transitioning to a Hosted Desktop

Written by Todd John Moore on December 12th, 2011

A very common mistake that companies make when they want to transition into a hosted desktop environment for their companies is to enact the change suddenly. In the quest to become as fast and as efficient as possible, some companies would often forget to do some pre-work before they enact the change. Because of this, they would often complain about a very difficult launching period for their hosted desktop.

Actually, this kind of problem is very avoidable, if only the companies would do an initial study and perform some pre-work then they would be have a very smooth transition to their hosted desktop.

Here are some things that you may want to check before you start the shift to a hosted desktop environment:

Infrastructure capability:

You should realize that setting up a hosted desktop may require you to upgrade or update your infrastructure. This is because there would be equipment and setups that are necessary before you can run a capable hosted desktop environment. These would often include increasing the internet connection that your company currently has, as well as laying out the physical cable for the connections that your computer would need.

You should first check if you would need to actually run a hosted desktop or if you would need to do some infrastructure upgrades first. This would help ensure that you would encounter lesser problems when you actually implement the hosted desktop system for your company.

Team capability:

Another thing that you should look into before you start going around to put up a hosted desktop is whether your team would actually be able to handle it. Before creating this kind of shift, you may want to first brief your team members about the changes that would occur, as well as to how they would be able to utilize the hosted desktop environment in a very productive manner.

By doing this, you would not shock your team into trying to learn a whole new desktop environment on the fly. They would usually become more accommodating to these kinds of changes if you would be able to guide them before actually executing the plan. You can also expect fewer problems with working with a hosted desktop if you have briefed them properly beforehand.


Hopefully, doing these things would be able to make it easier for you to transition to a hosted desktop environment and encounter lesser resistance about it.

Todd John Moore

Written by Todd John Moore, a computer engineer who works as a lead technician for a computer repair firm in Manchester called Manchester-IT. His fascination with computer engineering started out when he tried doing his own computer repair. Nowadays, he has moved on from doing simple PC troubleshooting to trying to provide enterprise solutions to their clients. You may also follow his tweets @toddjohnmoore and check out

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