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Terms and Conditions

Carefully read the presented Terms and Conditions (the ‘Terms’) previous to using this Site and the services provided through it. In proceeding to navigate this Site the user has accepted the details of use outlined within the stated Terms and Conditions inclusive with any additional changes to particulars committed to by MailSure Telecoms Ltd.
Property Ownership
This Site and the corresponding and associated content is the protected and copyrighted property of MailSure Telecom Ltd. and its affiliated partners, advertisers or commercial concessionaries (‘E Associates’). Unsolicited use of the information, services and property of this Site may infringe trademark, copyright, intellectual property and other legalities. This is in conjunction with the displayed logos, brand images, service marks and trade marks (‘the Trade Marks’) on the Site which are the legal property of MailSure Telecom Ltd. or its E Associates. In proceeding to use this Site, the user has accepted that no permission has been authorised to use any of the Trade Marks or duplicate any associated information or data presented on the Site exclusive of formal consent provided by MailSure Telecom Ltd. or its E Associates.
Use of Site
All intellectual property privileges to the Site information and content (“The Information”) belong exclusively to MailSure Telecom Ltd. The user may navigate and view the Information for genuine business inquires, of which actions include downloading and printing the Information on the Site for own use, provided the Information explicitly continues to be the property of MailSure Telecom Ltd.
The user therefore agrees to the use of the Site for only legitimate reasons highlighted previously. The subsequent use of the Site is prohibited:

  1. the reproduction, redistribution or communication through any media channel/outlet (inclusive specifically of any other website) any Information or content  on the Site to any other party devoid of formal written permission from MailSure Telecom Ltd;
    1. use of any content provided in the Information for commercial or profitable misuse 
    2. the active communication of the Information for falsified or unlawful intentions or violation
    3. the distribution of the Information for any falsified or unlawful intentions or violations

All parties must not disclose all the Information relative to the company, its shareholdings and investments, financial and non-monetary matters of which are entitled to confidentiality from each party.  At no point will any party use or disseminate the Information to another party without formal written permission,  other than the obligatory extent in which to fulfill the intention of the Terms.
In using the Site, the user merits and takes on the responsibility of:

  1. retaining any created password and/or log-in details undisclosed and will not provide those details to any party other than those to the obligatory extent in which to fulfill the intention of the Terms.
  2. being self-competent in their ability to maintain the stated responsibility of liability they may sustain as an outcome of using the Site
  3. not breaching laws governing the intellectual property rights of MailSure Telecom Ltd. or any E Associates
  4. not reassigning the users’ responsibilities under the said Terms, or diverting them through delegation to any other person/party.

The user concurs to indemnify MailSure Telecom Ltd. and/or any E Associates and waiver them from all class action suits, claims, assertions, losses, liability, costs and damages on a full indemnity basis.
MailSure Telecom Ltd. shall not whatsoever be counted responsible for any loss, claim cost, damage, or similar expense (“Loss”) experienced or derived through the direct or in-direct use of the Site or for the ability or inability of MailSure Telecom Ltd. or its E Associates for any inconsistencies or non-performance errors on the Site. MailSure Telecom Ltd. shall not be responsible for Loss experienced or derived by a user arising from incompetence on the part of MailSure Telecom Ltd. or otherwise.
MailSure Telecom Ltd. provides no guarantee or assurances and presumes no accountability in regards to the precision of the information and content offered on the Site. MailSure Telecom Ltd. holds no accountability for the non-performance of processes stated in these Terms consequential of being directly or indirectly from a situation excessive of MailSure Telecom Ltd practical ability to control.

  1. No action or interaction in these Terms constitute or be identified as representing a partnership between one or more parties
  2. The provided Terms constitute for the holistic and complete agreement between each party
  3. Each heading and Terms are given for only practicality and expediency and to be interpreted in accordance with English Law and each party irreversibly surrenders to the exclusive authority of the English Courts.

The Notices
Any correspondence given in relation to material divulged and/or outlined by these Terms must be done so in written form. Such correspondence must be sent to the given address from time to time for the reasoning given by each person/party and if correctly addressed, shall be agreeable to have been provided in the following manner(s):

  1. sent through personal delivery and received at the address of the applicable person/party;
  2. sent by first call postage – two complete business days previous to the date of posting;
  3. sent by facsimile at the point of dispatch; or
  4. sent by electronic mail at the time of genuine receipt

If any correspondence provided is recognised to be actioned past 4:00pm, within the boundaries of the given conditions, such correspondence will be recognised as being actioned at 9:00am on the proceeding business day.