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Privacy statement

MailSure Telecom Ltd. has developed the provided privacy guidelines to display the company’s obligation to preserving the user’s privacy. The guidelines set out the privacy procedures attending to both with the MailSure Telecom Ltd Site and the personal data the company gathers from the user.
The primary motivation for gathering data is to allow the company to route the user’s enquiry and deliver quality service.
Information Gathering
The various categories of relevant data we gather from the user, in the case that registration is necessary to use the Site, is inclusive of the user’s name and contact information. The company may inquire supplementary data to allow us to better the Site. The information provided is used to communicate with the user the scope of services the company offers and other relative information or subsequent recommendations. The company will restrain from contacting the user through email without initial permission to do so.
MailSure Telecom Ltd. values the privacy of the user and will not disseminate, commercially reproduce and/or procure monies from providing any information we retain from the user to any person/party without formal permission from the user or in the case that the company lawfully is required to.
A cookie is a data fragment retained on a user’s computer that carries a number of various identifiers of the user which in turn enables a continually active status as the user searches the Site and its various modules. In setting up a cookie on the Site, the user will only be required to enter their log in details a singular occasion, which provides an efficient method in navigating the Site. A cookie gives us the ability to follow your interests and better provide a service that is focused on your preferences. In utilising the function of this technology allows us to monitor the trends of behaviour the user commits to visiting our Site. In most cases, the user can alter the browser to avoid this personalisation from occurring.
Personal Data Protection
MailSure Telecom Ltd. is committed to rational precautions in an effort to assist in the protection of the user’s personal data but cannot however provide full assurance to the security of any given data online. The security insinuation and risks involved dealing with services over the Internet are acknowledged by the user. If you do have comments or questions regarding the stated guidelines related to privacy, feel free to email us on